At Harbison we offer leisure and recreational programs designed to engage and support your social, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Our goal is to provide you with daily activities which help maintain or improve your quality of life. Both villages have a cafe, chapel, hairdressing salon and kiosk for residents to enjoy.

We encourage you to continue engaging in activities and hobbies you enjoyed prior to living at Harbison and we also offer opportunities for you to entertain family and friends in your new home.

Our activity program includes craft, photography, gardening, games sessions and bus trips. We also have social groups you can join such as the Walking Group and Men’s Club.

We offer pet therapy: regular visits that provide the opportunity to interact with gentle dogs.

Residents at Harbison also have access to Motiview, an easy-to-use motivational tool that helps older people, and people living with dementia, to be more physically and cognitively active. Motiview uses an exercise bike, video and sound to enable residents to take virtual cycling trips through familiar surrounding and childhood memories.

We seek to continually develop programs to meet different interests and preferences. We welcome suggestions and aim to accommodate individual choices as much as possible.