Harbison Updates

This page contains updates regarding important Harbison updates. Please take time to read the latest update: Harbison Update 22.05.2024 Please go to our Visit Harbison page more information regarding any […]

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World Delirium Awareness Day 2024

World Delirium Awareness Day is an annual event held every second Wednesday of the March to raise awareness about delirium and its impact on patients, families, and healthcare systems. Delirium […]

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The Voice Referendum 2023

The Voice Referendum The 2023 Referendum will be held on 14 October 2023. Eligible residents are required to vote. Information for residents is available from https://www.aec.gov.au/referen…/vote/residential-care.html To learn how to […]

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Aged Care Employee Day 2022

Sunday, 7 August 2022 A message to Harbison staff from the Chair of the Board of Directors As we approach Aged Care Employee Day 2022, on behalf of the Harbison […]

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is commemorated each year on 15 June to highlight elder abuse. Elder abuse is any act which causes harm to an older person and is […]

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Men’s Health Week: 13–19 June 2022

Men’s Health week is an important opportunity to highlight the importance of men’s health, and to promote and support the health and well-being of men and boys in our communities. […]

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A Companion for Harbison

Harbison has long wished for a resident companion and we finally have our sights set on the perfect one! Resident, Sally Andreas, grew up with the dog breed and has […]

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