Support for Enhanced Palliative End of Life Care

I am pleased to announce a generous support program funded by our community through the Southern Highlands Community Hospice (SHCH). The program provides financial support to people at their end of their life by covering out-of-pocket costs related to pharmacy and funding additional palliative clinical nurse consultant hours.

The program is a 6-month pilot scheme, designed to evaluate the benefits that can be achieved for people living in residential care. Participation in the scheme is automatic for residents who need it, subject to consent to share some personal information with SHCH so they can monitor how many people benefit.

Once enrolled we will arrange for your out-of-pocket pharmacy costs to be paid by SHCH, up to $500 per month. Pharmacy costs at end of life can be expensive, and we hope this support will provide meaningful financial support at a critical time. In addition, clinical nurse consultants will be funded by SHCH to provide enhanced palliative care. We estimate the support provided by SHCH could be worth thousands of dollars for each resident.

Almost half of the places provided to people at Harbison go to people who do not have the means to pay for their care and accommodation. They are dependent on aged care funding provided by the Australian Government, but this funding does not cover the cost of high-quality specialist palliative care. Working with SCHC we hope to close this gap to ensure that everyone receives the care they deserve at the end of their life.

Harbison is structured to serve our community. This project is an example of how two community organisations can work together to find local solutions to local problems and improve quality of life for hundreds of people, and the people who care for them. With the support of the community through the SHCH we can ensure that everyone, regardless of their means, receives the world class care, support, and respect they deserve at the end of their life.

David Cochran
Chief Executive Officer
12 May 2021

24.06.2021 Support for Enhanced Palliative End of Life Care (SHCH)